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Digital Lifestyles

Estimated Time: 2-3 hours

Prerequisites: Computer Basics course or similar experience

Description: From cell phones to MP3 players to digital cameras, computers are changing our everyday lives. This course introduces you to new digital technologies, including digital audio, digital video, and digital photography. It explores how these and other computing technologies are creating new career opportunities and shaping the world we live in.

Digital Lifestyles Course Topics 

Lesson 1:The Modern Digital Experience
1.1. Identify the benefits of the expanding scope of digital technology.
1.2. Explain how merging technologies expands the features of digital devices.
Lesson 2: Digital Audio
2.1. Identify the characteristics of digital audio.
2.2. Explain the concepts of recording, copying, and converting digital audio.
2.3. Identify the features of advanced speech technologies.
Lesson 3: Digital Video
3.1. Identify the characteristics of digital video.
3.2. Describe what digital video editing is and the various output formats for digital video.
3.3. Identify the features of different Web video technologies.
Lesson 4: Digital Photography
4.1. Explain the benefits, features, and working of a digital camera.
4.2. Describe how digital images can be managed and edited.
4.3. Identify the features of different types of printers that are available for printing photos.
Lesson 5: Digital Technology and Career Opportunities
5.1. Explain how digital technology enables you to work remotely.
5.2. Identify different career opportunities available in the digital technology world.

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